Policies, Terms of Service, & Release of Liability

Liability Release Agreement and Medical Release

As parent/guardian, you individually and on behalf of your child, release and agree to hold Tulip Tree Tales, LLC harmless from any and all liability and hereby assume all risk and responsibility and waive any claim or cause of action of any nature whatsoever arising on behalf of your child while at Tulip Tree Tales, LLC classes and or any project or event, managed or promoted by, or otherwise associated with Tulip Tree Tales, LLC. You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Tulip Tree Tales, LLC, its agents, employees or contractors, whether paid or volunteer, against any and all liability claims which may arise from any bodily or other injury/illness to said child or any damage of your personal property while participating in this program. You have read and understand the above policy and agree to comply with its provisions.

In the case of an emergency involving your child, you understand that every effort will be made to contact you. However, in the event that you cannot be reached to make arrangements for emergency medical attention at the time of illness or accident, you hereby authorize Tulip Tree Tales, LLC staff to call 911 to provide urgent care for your child and further authorize your child to receive medical treatment from the Tulip Tree Tales, LLC selected medical provider as such medical provider deems necessary and appropriate.

Responsibility of Parent/Guardian Policy

The following policy reflects our concern for your child’s physical welfare. Please read carefully. We cannot admit your child without your consent to this waiver.

Tulip Tree Tales, LLC is NOT responsible for children/students before or after the hours for which they are registered for class. Parents and children are welcome to enter Tulip Tree Tales classes at the program’s stated start time. Class fees, however, only cover teaching time and do not include supervision before or after class hours.

We will not admit or release any student who has not been signed in or out by a parent or otherwise authorized person. 

Tulip Tree Tales, LLC reserves the right to require parents or guardians to withdraw a child from class for disruptive behavior at any time.

We reserve the right to not admit and refuse service to anyone who does not comply with these rules. 

Photo Policy: Our students are our best ambassadors and we often photograph and/or video students during the program for promotional purposes without compensation. Photo release forms are distributed for each class that is documented for promotional purposes.

Terms of Service


Classes and workshops are filled on a first-come, first served basis. Please note that no student’s space will be held without FULL PAYMENT of class fees. Please fill out all registration forms and waivers online or print and deliver the signed forms on the first day of class.


Tulip Tree Tales reserves the right to cancel any class or workshop. Full refunds are issued for cancelled classes. We make every effort to notify students of postponements and cancellations at least 24 hours before the first scheduled class. 


To withdraw from a class please give 2 weeks advance notice. The request must be made at least 10 business days prior to the first day of your class or series of classes.  Due to the nature of my small business, it is at my discretion to offer refunds or credits for missed classes. Please understand that if you register for a class, there are opportunity and administrative costs incurred by your doing so. 

Agree to these forms online by checking the box “I agree…” during registration and checkout.