Nature-Inspired Art

This shop began with the idea that a walk in the woods could delight, inspire, teach, and heal. Here you will find ceramic art and clay classes, nature stories, downloadable lessons, and more -- all created from a persistent theme:

"All good things are wild and free." - Henry David Thoreau

Holiday Shop Update

Holiday Shop Update

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  • Inspiration

    Much of my work is inspired by local flora and fauna. I have achieved a B.S. in Natural Resources at N.C. State University, worked as a science writer, spent many years hiking and camping with my family, and volunteer with local environmental organizations. I have also enjoyed homeschooling my daughter for many years, and enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of the outdoors with other families.

  • Children's Classes

    I am pleased to share my love of pottery and offer clay and nature classes for kids in the North Metro Atlanta area. I work with homeschooling groups and can tailor my classes to meet your educational needs. If you're local to me, email requests for clay classes or join my facebook group at Facebook Group to stay informed of any private classes I am offering.

  • Nature Tales

    I have always been a writer, and my blog, Tulip Tree Tales, was my first venture as a small business. The children's nature stories I published on that early blog will soon be available on my site as an ebook so stay tuned for "Nature Tales for the Year Round."

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Examples of my nature-inspired ceramic art:

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As a small business owner, I so appreciate support and feedback on my work. Follow me through my social media links to find out what's cooking in my studio, clay classes, or on my writing desk!