Why Tulip Tree Tales? A blog turned business.

Why Tulip Tree Tales? A blog turned business.


If you've visited my online shop for handmade pottery or children's clay classes, THANK YOU! I've been meaning to introduce myself with a blog post because this website began as a homeschooling blog (hence the name). It also begs the question: "why Tulip Tree Tales?"

The short of it is, I homeschooled my daughter through her early years, and it really was magical. We spent many hours in nature, and tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) was one of our favorite trees. They grew great, big leaves like a cat's face; dropped beautiful orange "tulip flowers" in the spring; and grew straight and tall to tower over us as we played. Tulip trees are a familiar friend in the forest, and we enjoyed their bounty. When we weren't learning, I enjoyed blogging about it. So much so that I wrote and completed a book that I'm still figuring out how to publish. I also wrote some curriculum that you can still find on Teacher's Pay Teacher's. 

However, when our homeschooling journey recently came to an end, I took some pottery classes. I hadn't taken pottery classes in 5 or so years. I got so hooked on wheel-throwing that I bought a potter's wheel, then a kiln, and so on until I had a studio in my garage and was making too many things to keep. I still wanted to teach and keep treasured connections within the homeschooling community, so I tried sharing my love of pottery with local homeschooling children. I have now been teaching children's clay classes for 3 seasons, and I love it and plan to continue doing so for years to come. 

So a blog became a business, and I have never felt so at home in a job as I do working for myself, making art, and being with other people who love clay. As my business grows, I hope to blog more about my journey in opening a home-based pottery studio. In the meantime, I continue to share my love of nature through clay classes, ceramic art, and my written work. 








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